The City of Tshwane says ‘THUMBS UP' to Summit Event Manager

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality’s third annual Tshwane Business Week and associated events were held in the city recently. The objectives and the vision of the Business Week were to monitor and evaluate the mechanisms and strategies put in place for the sustainable economic development of the city.

tshwaneBusiness Week 2005 kicked off on 29th April with the first ever International Civil Aviation Trade Show for Africa at Wonderboom Airport , and on 7 May the first Harvest Festival of the Citrus Trees Project in Winterveld took place. The Business Week Conference was held at the Reserve Bank Conference Centre from 8 to 10 May, and from 11 to 15 May the Vukani Fashion Week (that includes exhibitions, seminars, workshops and fashion awards) was on at the Menlyn Shopping Centre.

The Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality used Summit Event Manager software from NFS Hospitality for managing the conference.

Charmaine van den Berg the Conference Co-Coordinator for the Annual Tshwane Business week had the following to say."We were looking for a software program that would have been able to run, co-ordinate and manage a conference with features like reports, tabling, seating, name badges, and event analysis and for the financial side of things , invoicing, receipts & confirmation letters. Summit was introduced and was the software solution that not only suited our needs but exceeded our dreams. We have been using Summit for the Annual Tshwane Business Week and the workload was much smaller and being in charge of the Conference Summit helped me a lot. I would recommend Summit to any person who wants to manage and co-ordinate a conference with no extra stress."

Audrey Tsajoa, Administration Officer at the Tshwane Local Economic Development was impressed with Summit . She says, " Summit is extremely user friendly, it is easy to understand and without being a regular user of the software as yet, I was able to give training to another staff member without even consulting the support team from NFS. Summit is an excellent program and can only be a benefit to any organizational structure that deals with Events. Summit gets my Thumbs Up for being the best event management software program ever."

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