Conferences Et Al uses Summit Pro to computerize IAP 2012

The International Pathology Conference, to be held in Cape Town from 29th September to 4th October, is expected to attract more than 1 000 delegates from more than 75 counties around the globe, with the event organisers turning to the latest event management software – Summit Pro – to ensure the smooth running of the event.
Deidre Cloete, the owner of Conferences Et Al – the organizers of the international pathology conference – said her company has been using the Summit Pro software for more than 10 years, “with great success”.
“One of the best things about Summit Pro is that it is constantly updated so, over the years, it has become better and better.”
Summit Pro is an easy-to-use Windows-based event management software solution that gives the user all the tools necessary to organize and manage events, from small meetings to gala dinners – to large conferences.
Cloete said one of the many advantages of Summit Pro is that “everything is in one place, and in one package”. “There is no switching between spreadsheets, word processors and accounting packages – which obviates the need to retype anything.”
But arguably one of the main benefits for events – especially for large events like the international pathology conference - is that everything can be done on-line.
“Definitely one of the biggest advantages of Summit Pro is that it allows delegates to register – and pay – online. This is really a time saver and boosts overall efficiency – and reduces headaches. The software also allows delegates to submit their papers and allows for any edits, to and from the organisers – if changes and edits need to be made.”
Cloete said the software acts as a “major database for events organisers”. It provides “all the information one needs about each and every delegate” – right down to whether or not they are vegetarian, whether or not they will be attending the gala evening, and whether they have special needs or requirements.
“It provides us a one-button view of all relevant information and, when you have more than 1000 delegates coming from more than 70 countries around the world – this is something you really need.”
Cloete said she expects a large contingent of delegates from the United States, saying that “around 300 delegates” – emanating from various states – are expected. “While we are still anticipating a very successful conference we have noticed a drop-off of European delegates –  who seem to have been more negatively affected by the rigors of the lingering global financial crisis than their European counterparts.”
The International Pathology Conference is held every two years.

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